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Volume XXVI • Issue 67 • 2020 (Already published)
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Title :  Entrepreneurship and religion: Toward a religious-based transformation of labor market? The role of the sense of exclusion
Author(s) :  Hugo, Gaillard
Abstract :  This article looks at the influence of the feeling of exclusion from the labour market on the choice of entrepreneurship to reduce the tension between religiosity and professionalism. Using the life story methodology, we address the experiences of perceived exclusion of Muslim employees who are now entrepreneurs. In particular, the results highlight the dynamics of generalization to the entire labor market of the feeling of exclusion during one or several wage experiences. This work sheds light on the movements at work towards affinity type activities, and brings to light the development of precarious and undeclared activities in some cases, after professional disillusionment, without denying the opportunistic dimension of the choice. It therefore provides elements for understanding the marginal mutation of the labor market towards so-called affinity structures, by mobilizing work on entrepreneurial motivations and those on constraining factors. The need for organizations to take steps towards inclusion is discussed. Finally, the research opens the way for further work on affinity organizations, and on the inclusion of people who prioritize their religiosity over their professionality in non-religious-based organizations.
Keywords:  spirituality and religion at work, entrepreneurship, necessity and opportunity, constraints, religious rules-based firm, life stories
Pages :  5 - 21
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Suffering at work as a consequence of paradoxical management: Case of teacher-researchers and caregivers in the context of New Public Management in Tunisia
Author(s) :  Amel, Bouderbala ; Sinda, Ben Sendrine Doghri
Abstract :  This article aims to understand, from a sense-making perspective (loss / quest / construction), how actors react to the paradoxical management system that leads to suffering at work. The study took place in the Tunisian post-revolution context with two professional activities: university research professors and hospital caregivers in public organizations managed according to New Public Management principles. The objective is to generate a model highlighting, from a sense-making perspective, the interactions of this paradoxical management with the dimensions of work (being, having and know-how) and the mechanisms mobilized by the actors in reaction to this suffering. The aim is to identify both the peculiarities of individuals'' experiences and the transverse constants of these activities. The research is qualitative exploratory and is located in the interpretive paradigm. Twenty semi-structured interviews were conducted and the results of the content analysis show an almost similar evolution of suffering for both activities characterized by acquired, active resilience, even preventive. Resilience, a concept that emerged abuctively in this research, refers in particular to the notions of dynamic capacity and the preservation of resources through a salutogenic approach.
Keywords:  work, suffering, sense, resilience, resources.
Pages :  23 - 49
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  What work recognition practices in the hands of managers? Understand the expectations and variables affecting the employees’ perceptions
Author(s) :  Alexis, Roche
Abstract :  Recognition is a transdisciplinary macro-concept with complex semantics that deserves to be clarified. In the work context, there is a visible growing demand for recognition and the crises we are experiencing reinforce this need. The subject is all the more important as it is linked to major contemporary social and economic themes: CSR, burnout, bore-out, stress, work suffering, diversity, work quality of life, psycho-social risk, work meaning, staff turnover, absenteeism, work accidents and many motivational items. Faced with these challenges and the multiplicity of recognition representations, managers find themselves lost and poorly trained in recognition practices. This article focuses on recognition practices that can be mobilized by managers. The results are based on two cases of organizations (industry and service) in which intervention research was carried out. The article provides a theoretical synthesis on the recognition subject and presents examples in the results part to move from theory to practice. It allows researchers and practitioners to better understand the recognition concept, its multiple representations, and the practices that can be mobilized in organizations. It also sheds light on the impact of the practice context on perceptions of recognition, contempt and denial. The pursuit of work in other organizations and a deepening of the variables affecting perceptions, are all avenues to be explored on a central concept for the management of people.
Keywords:  recognition, work meaning, intervention research, quality of work life, behavior management
Pages :  51 - 79
Type :  Research paper
APA :  Roche, A. (2020) Quelles pratiques de reconnaissance au travail entre les mains des managers ? Comprendre les attentes et variables affectant les perceptions des collaborateurs. Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels (RIPCO), XXVI(67), pp. 51-79. DOI :
URL Cairn:
Title :  Identity dynamics and socialization among practicing psychologists: exploratory study of perceptions of the profession
Author(s) :  Omar, EL BOUANANI ; Ayman, EL MAJDOULI
Abstract :  The present research aims at allowing the exploration through an interpretive approach of the concerned factors that support or prevent the development of the professional identity of the psychologists exerting in Morocco where the official reconnaissance of the title is not established yet what caused several ethical gaps and challenges related to the institutionalization of the practices like the protection of the public against the striking growth of the complaints of the victims of the disproportionate acts. For this purpose, a mixed study was carried out on a sample of 54 respondents, in which 16 of them agreed to take a semi-structured interview. The results reveal the presence of a significant impact of the specifics of the exercise context on the construction of their professional identity. The latter is not well delineated in relation to similar professions.
Keywords:  perception of profession, professional identity, social socialization, reconnaissance, satisfaction
Pages :  81 - 104
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Management and formatting of disagreements in the professional exchanges during the implementation of a concert
Author(s) :  Séverine, Paquette ; Francesco, Arcidiacono
Abstract :  Within the field of psychosociology and management of organizational behaviors, the analysis of interactions around disagreements in the workplace is a central topic. This article presents a case study connected to the situation of a concert’s preparation during which musicians and technicians meet for the organization and the technical implementation of a show. Our main objective is to analyze the disagreements which emerge from the point of view of their form, structure and meaning, as well as to identify the positioning of the interactants within their professional group (respectively, the musicians and the stage managers). On this respect, a qualitative analysis (discursive and argumentative) was conducted. The results show the emergence of various modalities in the management of disagreements during the observed exchanges in the workplace, as well as elements of belonging to the groups involved in the conflicts. This case study shows the potential of the analysis of interactions in a workplace to better understand the linguistic phenomena that are related to the participants’ conversational behaviors and to their production-mobilization-circulation of knowledge connected to situated practices.
Keywords:  disagreement, linguistic format, professional group, social identity, organization
Pages :  105 - 126
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Testing the concept of mediation artefact to understand the concept of the insertion path
Author(s) :  Elise, MARCANDELLA
Abstract :  The notion of “pathways” is very present in the national policy of insertion of people far from employment. The strategy for preventing and combating poverty, concerning the insertion sector, highlights “the implementation of the « pathway’s referent » approach”; “the pathway of the RSA beneficiaries”; “a training pathway for all young people”. Involved in an innovative collaborative territorial project as a researcher practicing RAPéth (Action Research Participating and Ethical), the question underlying our research was the following: “how to facilitate human relations within territorial insertion ecosystems?”. Given the repeated use of the notion of “pathway” in insertion data, it seemed “obvious” to us to rely on it to encourage the stakeholders to the insertion to express themselves. This is how the insertion pathway has become a mediating artefact. This paper has two aims: to tell how the notion of pathway has been instrumentalised to play the role of mediator with the stakeholders of insertion and how along the way it has led the author to re-examine the place that this notion of pathway plays in the development of the insertion policy in the territory (transformation of the researcher by his research device) and to propose new research perspectives (inclusive enabling territory).
Keywords:  territorial collaborative innovative project, insertion’s pathway, participating research action, artifacts of mediation, reflexivity
Pages :  127 - 156
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
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