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Call for papers - Special Issue of RIPCO - Organizational Behavior and Climate Challenges - Guest Editors: Paul Shrivastava, Elen Riot and Franck Bietry. Deadline: October 30, 2024. Learn more SUBMIT
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Prior to 2018, the journal was only included in the following academic rankings: FNEGE (rank 4), HCERES (rank C). Thanks to the progress made since, RIPCO has also been ranked by CNRS (version 5.07/June 2020) at rank 4, in the category "International Strategy and Management, Organizational Theory". This new ranking can be interpreted as recognition of the efforts made and the quality of the work done by all involved in the journal.


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RIPCO is accessible through several packages of the ProQuest aggregator: ProQuest Sociology Database, Social Science Database, Social Science Premium Collection.

RIPCO's full texts and abstacts published since 2001 are available on Cairn, the reference portal for humanities and social science publications.

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Since April 2021, RIPCO is also present on Cairn international. In a move to increase visibility, English versions of all published articles are being put online progressively, in line with RIPCO’s internationalization strategy.

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Since 2018, Ripco's bilingual site, which has offered all the information necessary for the publication and dissemination of bibiographical data in French and English since the journal's création in 1994, has become the most important vehicle for dissemination and communication with the scientific community. In the last 12 months, for example, the site received 960,860 visits that consulted 3,849,529 pages (an average of 4 pages per visit) thanks to 4,159,921 hits.

In order to anticipate the future requirements of management science journal rankings, in particular those of FNEGE, a request for integration into the SCOPUS bibliographic database (Elsevier) has been made.

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Calls for contributions
Special Issue: Vol.XXX, Num. CFP_SI_CLIMATECHANGE ( 2024)
Organizational behavior in the face of climate challenges
Guest editors: Paul, SHRIVASTAVA: Elen RIOT, Franck, BIETRY
Deadline : 31/10/2023
Climate change and environmental issues have become recurring topics in current debates, leading to a heightened awareness of the need to preserve the planet and its species. To address these challenges, governments, businesses, social movements, and NGOs are actively engaging in a transition towards sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyles. In this critical context, academic research plays a crucial role by proposing concrete and applicable solutions to help managers confront these issues. The Covid-19 pandemic has further emphasized systemic dysfunctions, the interdependence of value chain actors, and resource scarcity. As a result, this special edition gives voice to researchers in organizational behavior to explore their potential contribution in the fight against climate change and ...
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