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Olivier, Braun ; Agnès, Cecarrelli ; Christine, Morin-Esteves. The contribution of local NGOs to the credibility of social reporting Read more
Bertrand, Audrin ; Eric, Davoine ; Jean-Claude, Métraux. Losses and mourning processes of digitalization of organizational members: the case of checkout automation in Swiss retailing Read more
. Work motivation of staff with High Intelligence Quotients (HQI): From self-determination to social utility. Read more
. The Dark Side of Enterprise Performance in Transition Economies: Corruption an Obstacle or a Second Best Read more
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Call for papers
Special issue : Vol. XXX, Issue CFP_SI_CLIMATECHANGE (2024)
Organizational behavior in the face of climate challenges
Climate change and environmental issues have become recurring topics in current debates, leading to a heightened awareness of the need to preserve the planet and its species. To address these challenges, governments, businesses, social movements, and NGOs are actively engaging in a transition towards sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyles. In this critical context, academic research plays a cr ...
Special issue : Vol. XXIX, Issue CFP_SI_SANTE (2023)
Health Behaviour, Personal and Organisational Health in the Age of Covid 19
 Ann, Langley ; Anne-Laure,GATIGNON TURNAU
The purpose of this special issue is to bring together contributions on health issues, to provide an overview and to reflect on the relevance of structuring the field of organisational behaviour around the theme of health. The contributions can be situated at the different traditional levels of analysis of the field of organisational behaviour: individuals, groups, organisations, as well as in the ...
Special issue : Vol. XXIX, Issue CPF_SI_INCLUSION (2023)
The inclusive Organization
 Elise, Bonneveux ; Séverine, Ventolini
Inclusion has become a central issue for organizations in terms of CSR, employer image and management (Kele et al., 2022). In this special issue, we will value all types of theoretical or empirical contributions, quantitative, qualitative or both. Several levels of analysis, micro-, meso- and macro-organizational (Adamson et al, 2021) can be proposed, the goal being to have a global but also fine ...
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