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The fifth RIPCO research day, focused on "well-being/malaise at work," brought together 93 participants and featured 35 presentations from 63 international contributors at the ICN campus in Paris-La Défense on June 6, 2024, and the editorial committee is considering transforming this annual event into a two-day academic congress. SUBMIT
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5th RIPCO Research Day on Organizational Behavior
General topic: Organizational behavior
FOCUS 2024: Well-being and malaise at work
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Building on the success of its annual research days since 2019, RIPCO is hosting its next event on June 6, 2024, at ICN in Paris, La Défense. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit extended abstracts of their academic work, encompassing a wide range of topics within the realm of organizational behavior, including individual and collective attitudes and behaviors within organizational settings. The 2024 edition spotlights the increasingly pertinent issues of well-being and malaise at work, topics that have gained prominence against the backdrop of evolving work expectations, management models, and the burgeoning influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Submissions can vary in format, including narrative, systematic, meta-analytic, or bibliometric literature reviews, conceptual analyses proposing new theoretical frameworks, and empirical analyses via experimentation, surveys, or qualitative case studies. The 2024 focus zeroes in on four main research avenues:

  1. Well-being/Malaise Relations at Work: Investigating their coexistence, the managerial practices that influence them, and the impact of positive and negative dynamics in the workplace.
  2. Individual and Collective Work Perceptions: Studying individual perceptions and their interplay with collective dynamics, the influence of managerial practices, and organizational factors on well-being and malaise.
  3. Impacts of ICT and AI: Reflecting on how these technologies affect professional balance, well-being, and malaise, and their role in transforming professions and work practices.
  4. Well-being/Malaise in Management Science Education Institutions: Focusing on the challenges faced by faculty members in an increasingly competitive and international environment.

Selected contributions may be featured in a special issue of RIPCO, subject to a double-blind review process. Other relevant topics may be considered for regular issues. Extended abstracts should be submitted by email ( by April 19, 2024, with feedback from the scientific committee expected by May 6, 2024.

Participation in the event is complimentary but requires prior registration, thus encouraging broad participation from both professionals and academics.



5th RIPCO Research Day
Call for papers
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ICN Paris La Défense
June 6, 2024
Extended abstract submission deadline :
April 19, 2024

Acceptance decision:
Mai 6, 2024
Proposals can only be submitted by email :
The best communications addressing themes related to the focus of the research day will be selected for a special issue of RIPCO. The best papers addressing other organizational behavior topics will be selected for publication in regular issues.
If you have any questions, please contact RIPCO by email :
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