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Volume II • Issue 03 • 1995 (Already published)
(Regular issue)
Cities and Communities
Issue content
Title :  Editorial
Author(s) :  Jean, Dubost
Pages :  3 - 6
Type :  Editorial
Title :  The destruction of a Synagogue Community : Polarization in a Postindustrial World
Author(s) :  Larry, Hirschhorn
Abstract :  Examining a case study of a consultation to a synagogue community, this article describes how the community polarized around its Rabbi's support for the Palestinian rebellion in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. By studying both the processes of polarization and the dynamics of the consultation, the article explores how a polarized community can destroy the real and psychological public space that it needs to heal its divisions and proposes that consultants can help a polarized community revitalize its public space by providing structure and boundaries inside the consultation process itself, by facilitating conversation so that substantive differences can be explored, and by interpreting the consulting process so that inconscious fantasies and unverbalized feelings can be examined. The article suggests that as we enter into a multicultural world where identities are negotiated, we need to develop a consulting technology that can help communities tolerate, protect, and sustain the main identities embedded in the texture of community life.
Keywords:  destruction, Synagogal community, post-industrial world
Pages :  7 - 24
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Urban citizenship
Author(s) :  Nadège, Marie
Abstract :  Since the beginning of the 1980's, the city has been the primary object of interest, concerning its association to the political link. This can be witnessed by the new city politics (D.S.Q., city contracts) which presents the city as a space in which the force of citizenship is reactivated. This is also apparent by the occurence of the notion of urbanity in recent urban social science research, a notion which defines the urban space of inter-recognition and social communication. In applying the political link theories of J. Habermas and A.Touraine, one must here select the conditions which define the city as a space of citizenship. From the territorialisation of the political link which is expressed through new city politics (urban citizenship model) as well as through urban social science research (urbanity model), we can recognise new forms of relationships to the political sphere new definitions of ourself as a member of society. This is the essential research objective from which this article originates.
Keywords:  urban citizenship, urbanization, social sciences, space
Pages :  25 - 36
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Street children : experience in Belo Horizonte
Author(s) :  Michel, Le Ven
Abstract :  This study describes and analyses the experience of intervention of a political economist from the Federal University in Minas Gerais (Brazil) as a "consultant" of the Municipal Association of Social Assistance in the town of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Starting with the analysis of a "Job Creation Programme" for "Street Children" - adolescents who go from life in the streets to working life and an attempt to live with their families, the "consultant" became involved in a commun action with the Municipal Administrators and, above all, the "street teachers". This action is becoming a form of psychosociological intervention which is not just an isolated moment but a long task of dialogue between several social actors.
Keywords:  social experiment, street educator, social actors, psychosociology
Pages :  37-46
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Street children : the case of black Africa
Author(s) :  Yves, Marguerat
Abstract :  Whereas traditional African society put children at the heart of its social strategies, the phenomenon of the children "of" the street (who are not under the authority of adults) is now perceptible in ail the big cities of black Africa, even if they are far fewer than the children and youngsters "in" the street (who have not been eut off from their families, or whatever serves as a family) . Here there is interference between collective and individual factors, with slight differences according to the specific social history of each town (how old urbanization and social hierarchy are, how destabilized the surrounding rural area is, etc.) However, there is a commun denominator: the breakup of the family cell, especially (but not only) in the context of poverty. In the street, children encounter hostility and exploitation on the part of adults, which drive them to be even more marginal. They can defend themselves by taking refuge in a gang and, increasingly, in drugs, which makes their social reinsertion even more difficult. Like the question, the answer must be individual : it needs someone who listens and welcomes in appropriate structures that aim, as far as possible, to renew links with the family or to create a collective structure to replace the family.
Pages :  47 - 58
Type :  Research paper
APA :  Marguerat, Y. (1995) Les enfants de la rue : le cas de l'Afrique noire . Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie (RIP), II(03), pp. 47-58
Title :  The theatre, a place for authentic relations between Jewish and Arab towns
Author(s) :  Ouriel, Zohar
Abstract :  This article aims to show how through original forms of theatrical expression, "rival" communities can leam tolerance, empathy and release creative forces. Through the meeting of two Arab and Jewish towns, over a period of several years a commun study was carried out with various stages giving rise to wider-reaching leaming. This work is part of an attempt to build a form of other life, an other world.
Keywords:  theatre, authentic relations, rivalry, rival, Jewish, jewish, Arab, arab
Pages :  59-76
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Struggling to be visible: a study of a Brazilian favela
Author(s) :  Teresa Cristina, Carreteiro
Abstract :  The inhabitants of Brazilian favelas are often transferred by the authorities to housing situated on the periphery of the city. At the time when one favela was being transferred, the inhabitants managed to develop a strategy which established them as partners with whom the town hall had to negotiate. In spite of the efforts involved to make themselves visible to the outside world and well conducted discussions, the inhabitants were taken in and lost, in the new context, their former collective will. The question asked in this article is how the least favoured can lift the veil of invisibility which covers them and start up a common action.
Keywords:  study, Brazil, Brazilian favela, visibility
Pages :  77-86
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Tensions between owners and occupiers of favelas
Author(s) :  Marilia Novais, da Mata Machado
Abstract :  The law legalizing in certain conditions the occupation by "favelados" of urban sites which belong to landowners was to facilitate the solving of conflicts between these two groups. A study, based on observations and interviews carried out over a four-year period in a central favela of Belo Horizonte founded forty-five years ago, enables us better to understand the respective representations and attitudes that condition their relations.
Keywords:  tensions, owners, occupiers, favelas, favela
Pages :  87 - 96
Type :  Research paper
APA :  da Mata Machado, M. (1995) Tensions entre propriétaires et occupants de favelas . Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie (RIP), II(03), pp. 87-96
Title :  Transformation of the social and educational action in Tcheliabinsk (Russia)
Author(s) :  Joëlle, Bordet
Abstract :  This article presents an intervention and training led by CEMEA (Centre d'Entra?nement aux M?thodes d'Education Active) in Tcheliabinsk (south ofUral) to help the transformation of the social, education and leisure action of professionals in the different town areas. The leaders of the Educational Service of Tcheliabinsk aim by this collaboration with the French partners to define the contents of the social teacher's profession and to support the transformations in progress in the social and educational institutions in two town districts. This article tries to identify the way in which the social and political context influences the characteristics of this intervention, the implicit and explicit stakes pursued by the French and Russians, the surprises and the blind points of this inter-cultural cooperation.
Keywords:  Tcheliabinsk, social and educational actors, Russia
Pages :  97 - 108
Type :  Research paper
Title :  The housing scheme-universe of Martigues or the recovered dialogue of the children of the scheme
Author(s) :  Fayçal, Abed ; Jacques, Broda ; Sandrine, Nogalès
Abstract :  The recovered dialogue of the children of the housing scheme demonstrates the approach of the housing scheme-universe of Martigues. It starts with the portraits that we are, that we become. We had to break away radically from the positions, places, academic and social postures : think of practice as invention and invention as creation. The housing scheme-universe is a place of elaboration, resistance and struggle. Co-elaboration of know-how, co-writing crossed by resistance and resistance to resignation : these are the ingredients of a new form of struggle and training for the struggle. We have tried to write and convey the taste for an original commitment because it goes back to the origins of our mixed memories.
Keywords:  university, Martigues, children of ghettos, dialog
Pages :  109 - 120
Type :  Research paper
APA :  Abed, F., Broda, J. et Nogalès, S. (1995) L'univers-cité populaire de Martigues ou le dialogue reconquis des enfants de la cité . Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie (RIP), II(03), pp. 109-120
Title :  Witnessing from the inside or the "blue sun"
Author(s) :  Jacques, Broda
Abstract :  I had to write it. Even badly. That knowledge and truth are contradictory. That in order to know one must move and that seeing is understanding. (Paul Eluard). The century obliges us to found a sociology of the witness : one that states the truth of what he has seen, heard ... in himself also. But one has to be able to say it and witnessing from the inside is witnessing from the inside of the language. This sociology honours the living word, its emancipatory aim asserts itself when it coinscribes the trace elsewhere, carried by universal desire. Not leaving to others the right to write the revised history of my life is a stake of the struggle in the field of knowledge, therefore of power.
Keywords:  witness sociology, witness, emancipation
Pages :  121-128
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Subject and social link : inventing spaces between education and therapy
Author(s) :  Martine, Gernigon
Abstract :  Involved in an educational aid organization in a Parisian suburb, a multidisciplinary team whose mandate is to help families in difficulty follows a group of women for seven years. How to discover original and collective answers to complex and explosive questions that centre around issues of suffering and exclusion ? How does the method used by the team best serve the individual ? One of the consultants shares her practice and proposes an analysis of this model of collective working and living.
Keywords:  subject and social link, inventing spaces, education, therapy
Pages :  129 - 147
Type :  Research paper
Title :  Equality of career possibilities in the banking world : research-action, socioanalysis and existential sociology
Author(s) :  Marcel, Bolle de Bal
Abstract :  The recounting of the experience of a research-action carried out in a Belgian bank with a view to elucidating the problems peculiar to all policies of promotion of women and work of women in big organizations constitutes the starting point of a reflection on the possibilities for implementing a form of evolutionary socioanalysis, with a view to the author's long term project : the constitution of existential sociology.
Keywords:  career equality, research-action, socioanalysis, existential sociology
Pages :  147 - 162
Type :  Studies
Title : 
Author(s) :  Marcel, Bolle de Bal
Pages :  163 - 164
Type :  Book review
APA :  Bolle de Bal, M. (1995) Véronique GUIENNE-BOSSAVIT : Etre consultant d'orientation psychosociologique. Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie (RIP), II(03), pp. 163-164
Title : 
Author(s) :  Véronique, Guienne-Bossavit
Pages :  165 - 168
Type :  Book review
Title : 
Author(s) :  André, Lévy
Pages :  169 - 169
Type :  Book review
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