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Volume XI • Issue 24 • 2005 (Already published)
(Regular issue)
Subjectivity and Work
Issue content
Title :  Introduction
Author(s) :  Dominique, Lhuilier ; Gilles, Amado
Pages :  5 - 8
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0005
Type :  Introduction
URL Cairn:
Title :  Loss of work, loss of identity
Author(s) :  Eugène, Enriquez
Abstract :  The aim of this text is to examine the origins of the civilisation of work and its future. A succinct analysis of the place of work in ancient societies and in those existing before the industrial revolution allows us clearly to differentiate these societies from those engendered by the revolution which places work in a cardinal position. Yet, for twenty-five years, work, although it is still considered to be important as a social link and as an element in the structuring of identity, has no longer been a “great integrator” (Barel). The author studies the consequences of the contemporary situation in order to examine concretely in what way it affects individual and collective identities. He concludes with the necessity to maintain work (even lost) as occupying an essential place at the heart of the working of our societies.
Pages :  9 - 20
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0009
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Mistreated health, premature wear. Young employees between resignation and resistance
Author(s) :  Pierre, Roche
Abstract :  This article is based on research which aimed at a better knowledge of the “integration processes” of young people said to be “of a low scholastic level”. It tries to give an up-to-date report on what Alain Cottereau calls strategies of resistance to premature wear and tear. Certainly, any account of life is studded with avoiding and withdrawing in time from the most wearing or dangerous of work situations. But many young people are less and less in a position to withdraw from a job while feeling ever more worn out or in danger. Resistance becomes more improbable as it becomes more necessary. They run the risk of being prematurely worn out and on the way to exclusion. In the end, the article emphasises the need not to inscribe every act of resistance too rapidly in a strategy and tries to draw some lessons for the process of accompaniment.
Pages :  21 - 40
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0021
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  The ordeal temptation in the risky trades
Author(s) :  Rémi, Canino
Abstract :  Does risk appear to be a consequence of the elimination of subjectivity in the modern conception of the technique based on scientific dogmatism? In the field of the clinical study of work, the relationship of man’s intentionality to danger has been characterised by psychodynamic analysis in the description of the collective defence strategies which present an analogy with ordeal-like behaviour. The clinical example presented here aims to reassess the perception of risk according to the structure of the task. It illustrates how the combination of these strategies with virile courage has the effect of operating a desensitising that masks the origin of the action and restricts the spread of reflection to the consequences of the act for others.
Pages :  41 - 49
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0041
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Defensive ideologies and social imaginary
Author(s) :  Dominique, Lhuilier
Abstract :  The clinical approach to police work and its institutional framework here highlights the analysis of professional defensive ideologies as a “response” to the reality test that all professional activity represents, but also as a response to the social imagination in that it helps to direct the image of the profession. The psychosocial processes that are solicited by the wearing of a uniform, and in particular the uniformisation-differentiation issue, contribute to the construction of an esprit de corps based on the group envelope and producing a discourse as a reaction to the suspicion which weighs on this state body. The concepts of collective defensive strategies of the psychodynamics of work are here put into perspective with those of the psychological envelopes and the ideology of clinical social psychology.
Pages :  51 - 66
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0051
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Subjective commitment and recognition at work in technical systems
Author(s) :  Guy, Jobert
Abstract :  This article presents a sequence taken from some wider research on the relationship of workers in a nuclear power station with their work. Starting with the endemic complaint expressed by these workers, the researcher exposes the bases of the lack of recognition of their contribution peculiar to a type of production that has very particular features. The researcher then explores what might justify maintaining the subjective investment of these workers. By taking as his base, in order to question it, Hannah Arendt’s definition of work, the author, in the direct relationship of the operators with the technical objects in which they are immersed, searches for possible sources of access to “action” likely to give meaning to the required activity.
Pages :  67 - 95
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0067
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Teachers in pain
Author(s) :  Emmanuel, Diet
Abstract :  In the context of liberal globalisation, the suffering of teachers first appears to need to be identified as a consequence of the destructuring which drains the founding values of the school institution and disqualifies the professionals’ identificatory models. In this perspective the analysis proposes to give meaning to the confusion of teachers confronted in their everyday work with paradoxicalities that destroy the very possibility of teaching and the basic security necessary for supporting their pedagogical practice.
Pages :  97 - 117
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0097
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Change of frame and (re) construction of meaning. A modernization clinic in a public company
Author(s) :  Fabienne, Hanique
Abstract :  This article is based on sociological research of a clinical type carried out over almost three years and involving a team of clerks in a post office in the suburbs of Paris. This research concerns the transformation of the social and subjective link that the clerks have with their work and their institution, under the effect of changes that have come from modernisation (Hanique, 2004). The work which we present here shows the different levels of modification of an apparently unchanged activity. It shows that under the effect of modernisation, the traditional referents of the action that governed the clerks’ activity are deeply transformed, yet without proposing alternative pertinent referents. In the face of this, it seems that the clerks, far from giving up their activity, try to implement elements that might compensate for the incapacity of the organisation.
Pages :  119 - 136
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0119
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Insights on the transformations of capitalism
Author(s) :  Eugène, Enriquez
Abstract :  Capitalism has a history. The English industrial revolution and the French political revolution, from the beginning, gave a first-class place to instrumental reason and the free individual. They thus simultaneously gave birth to capitalism and democracy. Although they are partly complementary, they are above all contradictory. Indeed, instrumental reason has triumphed and the free individual has been more and more clearly instrumentalised, first by bureaucracy, then by technocracy, and nowadays by strategic management. The firm has been promoted to the status of “divine institution” with, consequently, the obligation for all its members to adhere passionately to its values and its leaders, and to accept their own dispersal and the liquidation of all that is collective. Is this outcome unavoidable? Some possibilities for clearing this situation are proposed.
Pages :  137 - 154
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0137
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Medicine in the face of hypnosis. The Congress of 1889, the premises of a current debate?
Author(s) :  Stéphane, Laurens
Abstract :  The current quarrels over the status of psychotherapy, and in particular its relationship to medicine, may be clarified by a debate that took place at the end of the 19th century, on the subject of hypnosis. In this text, the stakes of this ancient debate are covered and more especially the way in which medicine tried to take over a phenomenon about which it knew nothing or almost nothing and that it considered to be charlatanism just a few years earlier.
Pages :  155 - 165
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0155
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Métraux, J. C., & Kaës, R. (2004). Deuils collectifs et création sociale. La Dispute.
Author(s) :  Max, Pagès
Pages :  167 - 171
DOI :  10.3917/rips.024.0167
Type :  Book review
URL Cairn:
Title :  Jean MAISONNEUVE (2004) PSYCHOLOGIE DE L'AMITIÉ, PUF, coll. Que sais-je?
Author(s) :  Jean-Claude, Filloux
Pages :  172 - 176
Type :  Book review
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