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Volume XXI • Issue 51 • 2015 (Already published)
(Regular issue)
Organizational Reliability
Issue content
Title :  Summary
Pages :  3 - 4
Type :  Introduction
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Title :  Permanent exception syndrome
Author(s) :  Baptiste, Rappin
Abstract :  This paper first shows extreme and exceptional situations of management ; it then aims at questioning philosophically about the human resources management essence. The author bases his reflection on Agamben’s thought in order to give sense to these observations. He suggests defining management as the permanent exception government and takes examples in the field of human resources management.
Keywords:  Agamben, permanent exception, government, HRM
Pages :  19 - 36
Type :  Research paper
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Title :  Study assessing the impact of employees on skills assessment in social management of the company
Author(s) :  Erick, Leroux
Abstract :  This research aims to show the importance of assessment skills in the context of social control, a device for measuring the gap between business requirements and results of each employee. Specifically, we were interested in this research to the employees’ perceptions of the impact assessment of their skills at the steering office of the company. The results show that they are very attached to both advance within their organization but it covets another position in another. The posture of the research is purely exploratory. The methodology is qualitative, it relies on a textual analysis conducted among employees in various sectors. Data Processing is done through software ALCESTE.
Keywords:  textual analysis, evaluation, social steering, employees, skills
Pages :  37 - 54
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Is the stress of the proximity managers inherent to the role conflicts?
Author(s) :  Marcel, Lourel ; René, Mokounkolo ; Sylvie, Codo
Abstract :  This research concerns the stress of the proximity managers (DPx) of one French public enterprise (SNCF). Its first objective is to measure the impact of the age on their level perceived stress. His second is to study to what extent the role conflicts and the perceived social support allocate directly and indirectly the perceived stress of the DPx. Our theoretical anchoring borrows from the models of « professional development ", of " the episode of role " and the “effect direct/attenuator of the social support”. The results of the quantitative study led with 94 DPx show that the degree of stress is more raised at the manager’s of less than 45 years old than at the managers of 45 and more years old. The role conflicts increase the level of perceived stress whereas the perceived social support reduces it. The tested effects of interaction reveal in certain cases the role amplifier of the perceived social support in period by conflicts of role. The theoretical and practical perspectives of the study and its limits are discussed.
Keywords:  role conflicts, perceived social support, perceived stress, age
Pages :  55 - 74
Type :  Research paper
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Title :  Is the allocation between work and leisure mediates the relationship between working conditions and job stress ? A study of personal in contact with customers working in the hospitality industry
Author(s) :  Sari, Mansour
Abstract :  Retaining as a theoretical anchor, the theory of conservation of resources Hobfoll (1989), this work aims to study the impact of working conditions defined in terms of demands and resources on occupational stress through the work-to-leisure conflict. A study was conducted among 648 employees in contact with customers in the hospitality industry in France. The results of the analysis of indirect effects based on a bootstrap analysis (Preacher and Hayes, 2004) and founded on 5000 replication with a confidence interval of 95%, revealing that the work-to-leisure conflict has a partial mediating effect on the relationship between psychological demands, overtime and social support from the supervisor, and psychological stress. Similarly, they identify a full mediator effect of work-to-leisure conflict on the relation between physical load and psychological stress. However, they show that the social support of colleagues directly influences the stress. As for the decision-making autonomy, it does not influence the psychological stress directly or via the work-to-leisure conflict.
Keywords:  working conditions, work-leisure conflict, stress
Pages :  75 - 98
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Training managers face the socio-economic developments and policy The case of the territorial administrators
Author(s) :  Pyun, Hae-Ok
Abstract :  In socio-economic and political evolutions since the 1980s, local authorities tested some private management tools within their organization. Aware of the managerial challenge, they also change the concept of recruitment, training and management of their public managers following two main axes : the commitment towards local public interest and practice learning by experiences. Our empirical study on 1125 public local managers (in collaboration with the Association of Public Local Managers) shows that this changing has given positive effects.
Keywords:  local authorities, empirical study, training, public managers, territorial administrators
Pages :  99 - 115
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Meeting the diversity challenge The civil service, the promised land of diversity, can achieve integration through apprenticeships, a little known route to excellence. How can we roll out the scheme run by the Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne as a means of helping those previously relegated to the bottom of the pile to reach the top?
Author(s) :  Gilles, Hermoso ; Philippe, Naszályi
Abstract :  Drawing on ten years experience, this research shows that apprenticeships (two or three years post baccalaureate) are a means of opening up the middle management positions that play such a key part in public administration, mainly to women and ethnic minorities, two groups which are currently under represented. Yet the first step on the road to excellence that is the apprenticeship is signing an apprenticeship contract. This is the first major difficulty that the future student must overcome to get on a sandwich course, with barriers put in their way by elected representatives, senior managers and red tape. This selective and inequitable ordeal, often amounts to young people from ethnic minorities or low income areas being discriminated against on two or even three counts. Apprenticeships are a path to success but do not offer all young people an equal chance whether they are from low income areas or elsewhere. The selection methods fall short of offering equal opportunities in accordance with republican values. Although not a perfect solution, the system introduced at Evry goes some way towards smoothing out difficulties and re-establishing equal opportunities through a compulsory’induction and initiation’ course
Keywords:  university learning, middle management, public service, neighborhoods, diversity
Pages :  117 - 136
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  The holism of public competences
Author(s) :  Denis, Cristol
Abstract :  The issue of skills is open. Some skills are visible, but others remain largely invisible. Managerial skills can even be described as fuzzy so they move and adjust the settings. It is possible to find them, in territorial public managers interviews, when managers decide, perceive act, learn, mobilize teams or even their way of being. The conclusion highlights the need to take into account in the development of managerial skills complexity, personal development and the projection into the future.
Keywords:  holism, skill
Pages :  137 - 153
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Managerial relationship and helping relationship : distance or proximity ? Attachment Theory sheds some light
Author(s) :  Monica, Pedrazza ; Sylvie, Deffayet Davrout
Abstract :  From qualitative and quantitative research conducted in two different sectors, the authors of this article propose a dialogue between managerial relationship and helping relationship, through some key dimensions proposed by attachment theorists in the wake of John Bowlby (69/82). This article illustrates how the patterns of relationship managers and social workers have internalized allow them to provide (or not) the safety and autonomy of their interlocutors. This highlighted differences and similarities lead to a better understanding of what "stuck" sometimes in such links and offers new avenues for professional development in question.
Keywords:  helping relationship, managerial relationship, attachment
Pages :  155 - 177
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  The use of Internet by medical-tourists to reduce the high dangerosity of credence services: the case of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, a netnographic study
Author(s) :  Isabelle, Barth ; Yousra, Hallem
Abstract :  Dealing with the specific case of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, this article describes the main results of a netnography stressing on the triple functions of Internet in the context of medical tourism. Medical tourists perceiving Internet like a source of information, a place of socialization and finally like a mean that insures remote contact.
Keywords:  Internet, ethnography, service, medical tourism, belief
Pages :  179 - 200
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Stockholm syndrome in the territories of high social danger inherent Street educators and public officials close are they at risk of Stockholm syndrome when they operate in areas of high inherent danger to society. A Case Study
Author(s) :  Christian, Bourion ; Sybille, Persson
Abstract :  By comparing conventional data and feedback, we see the emergence of a Stockholm syndrome with an official street educator.
Keywords:  dislike, street educator, sympathy, Stockholm syndrome, near
Pages :  201 - 223
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Dangerous public is inherent in social management in or both ? Remake of the eternal struggle between the principle of providential pleasure and that of the managerial reality, however, it may invite three good fairies to a management that would most barbaric
Author(s) :  Georges, Botet-Pradeilles
Abstract :  The management of proximity in the authenticity of the feelings and dialogue gives meaning to operational shares. Political and economic powers are linked to the strategic objectives, opportunities and hazards sometimes violent contingencies. The social ethical component is often legal minimum despite appearances of kindness and empathy in principle. Organizations attached to the impatience of the effectiveness and the result are in fact sharing symbolic and imaginary time creating identity, belonging and project in any link intersubjective. We call this the suggested resources on the subject by the postures learned from psychoanalysis, philosophy and humanistic and literary culture. Such resources are declining when the immediacy of the image and communication "of impact" without metaphors just bypass the complexity and the slow implementation of operational links sustainable, relevant and satisfactory. Singular reflexive space of each maintenance today takes a perhaps decisive importance in the regulation of the management of human resources. To well highlight the originality of the subject we quote here "three good fairies” spontaneous that are surprise, astonishment and smile gave meaning to the relationship to others passing by the relation to oneself. Wonder about the management through the personal practice of a newspaper knowing detach conceptual abstractions of school as certainties and the conventions of position who share very little.
Keywords:  symbolic and imaginary language, put at a distance from prior models, reflexive posture, proximity, relativisation of issues, smile, astonishment
Pages :  225 - 236
Type :  Research paper
URL Cairn:
Title :  Practices of human resources management and company performance. Lighting through the notion of organizational reliability. An exploratory study on the Stoxx 600
Author(s) :  Ludovic, Taphanel
Abstract :  The current affairs question strongly the role of the management of the human resources with the performance of the company, understood as well from the economic point of view as from the social angle. The field of research of the strategic management of the human resources (GSRH) illuminates for many years this question. From all the studies conducted, two conclusions can be drawn. The first concerns the link between HRM and performance that seems to emerge significantly. Thus, some HR practices appear positively correlated with the company's performance. The second conclusion concerns how these practices impact performance. It seems relevant, indeed, not to study HR practice by HR practice, but rather to group certain practices together to form clusters. Under this name is meant a set of HR practices that, once met, contribute to achieving the same organizational goal. In this vein, some studies are developing a three-cluster HR model that can, for example, increase motivation within the company, improve skills and empower employees.
Pages :  237 - 242
Type :  Paper review
URL Cairn:
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