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 Registration for 2021 RIPCO Reseach Day is now open
Registration for the 2021 Ripco Research Day is now open to everyone. It is free but mandatory. We invite you to follow the day in its entirety to the extent of your possibilities (opening session, parallel sessions, plenary and closing session). Please note that at the end of the plenary session, we will take stock of this day, we will announce the winners of the distinctions (best communication in connection with the focus of the day, best communication communication outside the focus and best communication for young researchers). All information relating to registration is already available online: detailed program of the day, abstracts of communications and list of contributors. You can also download the PDF version of the brochure with all the information and the poster of the day to distribute. We will send all registrants before June 15 the Zoom connection links to connect to the sessions of the day. We also invite you to widely distribute the brochure in your academic network so that the audience is larger. Happy registrations then!

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 2021 RIPCO Research Day: key figures
44 proposals have been accepted for presentation at the next RIPCO Research Day which to be held on June 15 online. A total of 85 from 10 countries and 62 different academic institutions will present their contributions. Sylvie Guerrero, professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada), Chris Laszlo, professor at the Weatherhead School of Management (United States) as well as Florence Legros, CEO of ICN Business School, will do us the honor of to be our guests.

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 RIPCO is now referenced on Cairn international
RIPCO is now listed on Cairn international reference portal for publications in the human and social sciences. This is another big step for the journal towards international visibility! In a context of constant internationalization of research, the objective of this portal, which is now available in English, is to optimize the visibility of French-language journals abroad and the consultation of their articles in the different languages. Sharing metadata (titles, keywords and abstracts) in English is an essential element for the success of the project and for the visibility of journals internationally. Metadata in English is not only read by non-French speaking Internet users, but also harvested by indexing databases and other bibliographic tools around the world (Google Scholar, REPEC, IBSS, Pubmed, PsycINFO, catalogs of foreign university libraries , etc.).

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Just released
Volume XXVII | Numéro 68 | 2021 | Regular Issue
Emodetionnal diffusion. Non programmed emodecisional diffusion: the role of emotion leaders'' impact and follower’s emotional resistance
Actors’ losses and mourning in digitalization: the case of checkout automation in Swiss distribution
Bertrand AUDRIN, Eric DAVOINE, Jean-Claude MÉTRAUX
Sustainable value co-creation as a vector for valuation brand equity
Key consensus factors as a tool for project-oriented marketing organizations
Olivier MESLY, Christophe RÉTHORÉ
Well-being at work designed and felt by Japanese employees. Convergences and divergences with French and American employees
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Fothcoming issue
Volume XXVII | Numéro 69 | 2021 | Regular Issue
Social acceptability: a matter of participatory democracy?
Alice FRISER, Stéphanie YATES
Social acceptability in Québec: a new normative tool for public action
The social acceptability hardship, or the disputed composition of the collective
The social reception of coastal risk management: an insight through the prism of participatory simulation
Marion AMALRIC, Nicolas BECU
Blue growth facing citizen protests: analysing the participative democracy process from four case studies in Brittany (France)
Public participation and management of natural resources: what potential influence for participants?
Élizabeth DURAND, Charles DUPREZ, Stéphanie YATES
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Ripco Research Day 2021
Call for papers
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On line event
JUNE 15, 20210 2021
Submission of proposals : March 31, 2021
Acceptance decision : April 30, 2021
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The submission of proposals is only done by email to :
The best communications addressing positive organizational behaviors will be shortlisted for a special issue of RIPCO. The best communications on other themes of organizational behavior will be shortlisted for publication in regular issues.
If questions, please contact the journal by email :
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Call for papers
Special issue : Vol. XXVII, Num. 70 (2021)
Arts and organizations: from individuals to structures, the inseparable aesthetic dimension of politics
 Philippe, Mairesse ; Géraldine, Schmidt ; Yoann, Bazin
More than three decades after the first international special issue devoted to the relationship between art and organizations, and almost twenty years after the only RIPCO issue devoted to the arts, this special issue will take the aesthetic perspective to examine the articulation between the personal, interpersonal and structural dimensions of organizational life, and the role that art can play i ...
Special issue : Vol. XXVIII, Num. 72 (2022)
Emerging Trends in OB Research
 Equipe éditoriale Ripco
This special issue, containing the best contributions from the 2019 RIPCO Research Day (but also open to other free proposals), will focus on emerging trends in organizational behavior research. Contributions on Neuroscience and Organizational Behavior, Humanistic Management, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Artificial Intelligence and the Workplace, Time and Organizational Studies and other OB topics ...
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