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Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels (RIPCO)
The Research Day organized by the RIPCO, took place as planned on Friday, June 17, 2022. This year's theme was health behaviours and the health of organizations and individuals. It was also an opportunity to show once again the excellent health of the RIPCO since 49 papers were presented by a total of 93 contributors. SUBMIT
Organizational Behaviour and Gender
Wilson, F. M. (2017). Organizational behaviour and gender. Routledge.
Organizational Behaviour and Gender provides an alternative to the gender silence of the standard OB textbooks. This Second Edition updates and expands the text's coverage and employs the most recent research findings to portray the world of work in a realistic manner. Organizational Behaviour and Gender is a comprehensive text. The text examines some of the assumptions that have been made about women at work - for example that women's 'difference' is rooted in biology and that women and men have contrasting (and even polar opposite) skills and attitudes. The text considers the key topics in OB (such as selection, assessment,leadership and motivation) to test such assumptions. The book describes the reality of working life for women. It examines issues of low pay, part-time working, family responsibilities, home working and horizontal and vertical job segregation. It asks whether inequality of opportunity comes about because of actual gender differences or from prejudicial expectations and thinking. The last chapter is about sex and sexuality in organizations. Sexual behaviour in organizations is pervasive but is rarely discussed in OB textbooks. This chapter describes the masculine and heterosexual business environment and examines the issues of work romances and sexual harassment. The text provides numerous learning aids (including discussion topics and chapter questions) to assist both the lecturer and the student.
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Organizational Behavior: An Evidence Based Approach
Luthans, F., Luthans, B. C., & Luthans, K. W. (2015). Organizational Behavior: An EvidenceBased Approach. IAP.
Our goal with this 13th Edition is to keep this first mainline organizational behavior text uptodate with the latest and relevant theory building, basic and applied research, and the best practice applications. We give special recognition of this scientific foundation by our subtitle An Evidence Based Approach. Is emphasized in the introductory chapter, the time has come to help narrow the theory/research—effective application/practice gap. This has been the mission from the beginning of this text.
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Organizational behaviour and work: a critical introduction
Wilson, F. M. (2018). Organizational behaviour and work: a critical introduction. Oxford university press.
This enlightening, introductory textbook will help you to understand the complexities of organizational life, by encouraging you to look with a critical eye at modern business practices and to engage with what you see. The fourth edition of Organizational Behaviour and Work takes the reader through from critical perspectives on classic organizational behaviour topics to the core of the critical approaches, including power, resistance, and alternative forms of organization. The book also includes enhanced pedagogy, ensuring that the text is highly accessible, assuming no knowledge on the part of the reader. The range of themes and topics explored provides a rich picture of the realities of organizational life, and of the varied contributions that make up the study of organizational behaviour. This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre that includes: For students: Glossary Web links Critical thinking exercises For lecturers: PowerPoint slides Questions for research and discussion Additional case studies Group exercises
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Call for papers
Special issue : Vol. XXVIII, Issue CFP_SI_OBS (2022)
Positive Organizational Scholarship: Between Tradition and Innovation
 Equipe éditoriale Ripco
Ce numéro spécial est consacré aux comportements organisationnels positifs. Les travaux proposés peuvent se situer aux différents niveaux d’analyse traditionnels du champ du comportement organisationnel : individus, groupes, organisations, ainsi que dans les liens au sein et entre ces différents niveaux. Les travaux théoriques sont encouragés tout autant que les recherches empiriques, lesquelles p ...
Special issue : Vol. XVIII, Issue CFP_SI_SPACEOB (2022)
Spaces and Organisation Behaviour: new organisations, new theorisations
 Olivier, Germain ; Judith, Igelsböck ; Daniel, Melo Ribeiro ; Jean-Luc, Moriceau
Les études sur les liens entre espaces et comportements organisationnels se sont dernièrement enrichies, prenant par exemple davantage en compte la matérialité, l’identité, l’esthétique, le contrôle, la constitution réciproque – jusqu’à s’inscrire dans un tournant vers la spatialité. Pourtant, aujourd’hui, d’une part les espaces, lieux, et frontières se redéfinissent drastiquement (par exemple ave ...
Special issue : Vol. XXVIII, Issue CFP_SI_TELETRAVAIL (2022)
From telework to hybridity: a new way of thinking about our organizations?
 Emmanuel, Abord de Chatillon ; Denis, Chênevert ; Nathalie, Delobbe ; David, Giauque ; Emilie, Vayre
Tout autour du monde, la crise sanitaire de la Covid-19 a obligé les entreprises à réorganiser le travail de manière abrupte, rapide et profonde et le télétravail est devenu en quelques jours une modalité de travail systématique pour beaucoup de salariés. Cette accentuation du télétravail est appelée à durer. En effet, si le télétravail constitue une réponse adaptée aux situations de confinement e ...
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